Our Team

Cynthia Liliana Anderson Medina
Email : cynthia@infinitybay.com
Cell: (504) 9785-0754

Cynthia Anderson was born, raised and educated in Roatán. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, and holds a degree in hospitality and tourism. In 2007, she became a licensed real estate agent and was promoted to the position of Broker for Roatán Preferred Properties in 2019. Her goal as a broker goes beyond selling property: she focuses on guiding her clients to understand the “Why & Where” of buying in Roatán to ensure every one of her clients achieves their island dreams.

Maritza Espinoza
Email : maritza@infinitybay.com
Cell: (504) 9856-6592

Maritza began her career in Sales as a Major Accounts Executive at Xerox Corporation in Tegucigalpa more than twenty-five years ago. Over the years she learned how important it is to listen to her clients and not only meet their needs but surpass their expectations. Recently she discovered a new passion: writing. So she decided to relocate to Roatán to strike a balance. She is completing her first novel, constantly inspired by the island’s striking tropical beauty, while helping her clients find their dream home in our Caribbean paradise. Life couldn’t be more perfect!

Tricia Power
Email : tricia@infinitybay.com
Cell: (504) 9806-2021

Tricia Power is from Louisiana and she graduated from Louisiana State University in 1981 with her Real Estate Diploma. She sold and marketed several large condo developments in New Orleans and Key West. Tricia moved to Roatán full time in 2006 and has continued selling real estate, marketing vacation rentals, and managing properties on the island. She graduated from American Airlines Learning Center and Eastern Airlines Flight attendant school and Air South private aviation company, and spent many years in commercial and corporate air travel before shifting her focus to real estate in Roatán.

Stephanie Taylor
Email : dreampropertiesroatán@gmail.com
Cell: (504) 9700-9416

Stephanie Taylor is a university graduate and licensed real estate agent, with an extensive background in sales and over ten years of experience in real estate. She has lived in Roatán for four years. As a realtor, her priority is to make her clients happy by listening to their wants and needs. She strives to ensure the home buying or selling process is as simple and stress-free as possible. Her clients can count on her any time of the day when they have a question or concern.

Juan Anastacio Rojas
Email : anastacio@infinitybay.com
Cell: (504) 8969-0328

Juan Anastacio Rojas graduated with honours from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. He speaks 5 languages including Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. He is friendly and down to earth, and has been involved in sales all of his life. He can read between the lines and find clients their slice of island paradise in Roatán.