Selling Real Estate in Roatán

At Roatán Preferred Properties, all of our agents are well-versed with the process of selling property in Roatán. With local knowledge and veteran agents, at Roatán Preferred Properties you can trust the process will go smoothly. Our team of realtors will be with you every step of the way as you navigate the sale of your property.

Selling Process

Roatán Preferred Properties is in a prime tourism location in West Bay, steps away from renowned West Bay Beach. Located in the lobby of Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort, our office is in the heart of the tourism scene on the island. Everyone from resort guests, cruise ship passengers to day-tourists to expats and locals frequent this stunning beachfront location.

Before selling your home in Roatán, first ensure all documents pertaining to the property are in order and that taxes have been paid for the current year. After that, allow us to do the rest.

We use a wide range of strategies to market your property. Your home will receive international presence from the RRA and MLS, and be featured on social media, in annual publications, on our website and each of our agents’ real estate websites.

Costs associated with selling your home in Roatán:

  • Closing costs from 5-6%
  • Capital Gains Tax, 1%
  • Power of Attorney, $250 USD (if needed)
  • New survey, $250 USD (approximately)
  • RTN, $100 USD

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